After my son referred me to European Optical, I would definitely decline all other optical shops in Southern California. They treated me like family with the warmth and help in picking out prescription glasses. The selection is awesome and I have many compliments on my regular glasses and sunglasses.
— Linda S.
I stopped into European Optical months ago to have glasses repaired. While I was there, Astrid told me that my frustration about my trifocal glasses was due to the fact that the lenses were too small. Astrid picked out new frames and they are perfect! She also suggested I get a specific pair for sailing so that I can have the appropriate protection. This is a class act local business. Do yourself a favor and check them out before you go elsewhere for your eyes.
— Peg G.

I receive daily compliments on my glasses and because I’ve been going to European Optical for 25 years, it speaks volumes. I am in the entertainment industry and have a very difficult prescription, so it is most extraordinary to not only have lenses perfectly made every time, year after year, but to also experience the consistently excellent and personalized service offered by Udo, Astrid, Liz and Ron. They are masterful opticians who are also on the cutting edge of fashion. Honesty, reliability, kindness and professional excellence are what they all represent to me.
— Alyce B.

Ok here’s the deal, European Optical is hands down the best place to get your glasses. I have been a customer since 2000 and they’re the only place I trust to give me honest feedback on what looks good on my face. The staff at European Optical is second to none in their expertise as opticians and they make you feel like family. Never any pressure just good sound advice. They have the most comprehensive selection of high quality frames and sunglasses anywhere. You owe it to yourself to check them out.
— Brian P.
I’ve been a loyal client of European Optical for 30 years! My wife and I have never even considered going elsewhere, because of unsurpassed service, great quality, wonderful selections and really competitive prices! Incredible service is the way it’s always been with Udo, Ron, Liz and Astrid: their advice has always been superb, and just as important, their patience and empathy never ceases to amaze me. It makes visiting the store into a treat because these skilled professionals genuinely care about their clients.
— Edward T.

I simply love European Optical for so many reasons! The staff immediately gets to know you and then helps you select eyeglasses from their amazing collection. Walking in the door becomes a very personal event and so much fun like having your own fashion show with them selecting my new eyewear. Service and price point just adds to why I have been a loyal fan to European Optical. I love the whole experience and smile when wearing my assorted pairs of beautiful eyeglasses.
— Patricia M.

I’ve been a client of European Optical for well over a decade. The few times I’ve bought lenses elsewhere I’ve been disappointed. No one can match their customer service, frame selection, and fair pricing. To be honest, I’m as high maintenance as they come. My eyes are very sensitive, and I like my glasses to be a certain way. Udo, Astrid, Ron, and Liz have always been very patient and accommodating which is much appreciated.
— Anne B.
European Optical has both a great selection and fantastic customer service! I have been going to their shop for many years and have always had excellent experiences. Recently, Astrid suggested upgrading to a new digital lens. What a difference! The best way to describe it is comparing analog to HDTV. Surprisingly, my special order arrived one week from when the prescription was ordered. If you live out of the area, European Optical is definitely worth the drive. Last, but not least, their pricing is terrific too. You will not be disappointed.
— Brett H.

Astrid explained why the readers I was buying on-line were giving me headaches. She said they don’t take into account the optical distance between your eyes. I ordered my glasses through European Optical and look forward to a headache-free future! Thanks for the great service and wonderful advice, Astrid!
— Jeni G.

Recently a friend of mine bought a great looking pair of glasses from European Optical, so I decided to check them out for my future glasses. When I entered the shop I knew I had found the best place ever. Elizabeth was so very helpful and came up with a multiple of choices that were great; now I had the problem of choosing which one was the best! I bought one but I wanted to buy them all! The prices are great and the frames are unique and fun. They buy most of their frames from independent vendors unlike the well known big optical establishments. Not only did I find my ideal place to buy my perfect frames but I also found Colleen, the excellent optician I used to buy from years ago. She is now working at European Optical...IT’S A WONDERFUL FIND!!!!
— Emmy K.
I have been a client of European Optical for 20 + years. Astrid and Liz give unparalleled customer service. I am not good at picking out my own frames, and that’s where they excel. I walk in, sit down and within 5 minutes I’m presented with very complimentary fames suited to my lifestyle. I also needed safety glasses for a construction site. I brought in a pair of safety glasses with a curved frame. No one could fill my prescription without a lot of distortion in the periphery of the lens where the curvature was highest. I tried side guards, but this really limited my peripheral vision. After two rejections from safety glass specialty opticians, I returned to European Optical. Astrid and Liz suggested digital lenses.
I picked them up a few days ago and the glasses look great and there is no distortion. European Optical delivers once again!
— Joanne H.