What's it all about...BLUE LIGHT??

What’s all the fuss about BLUE LIGHT and DIGITAL EYE STRAIN??

The good thing about some blue light is it helps wake us up in the morning. Our eyes filter the amount we need to regulate our melatonin levels that help us balance waking and sleeping.

It’s too much overexposure to the harsher amounts of blue light generated from LED lights used in our cell phones, computers and television that cause damage to our eyes.

The blue light passes thorough the cornea and our crystalline lens, (which can block UV light), right to our retinas causing oxidation (rusting). Studies show a link between LED blue light exposure and macular degeneration.

That’s why too much computer use, cell phone and T.V. use before bed keeps you awake! It’s surpassing the production of melatonin that we need to sleep.

And children’s eyes are at even greater risk as their young eyes have no natural filter to the damaging BLUE LIGHT overexposure. 

Our opticians here at European Optical can offer you solutions to BLUE LIGHT overexposure with lenses that can block more blue light than the average pair of lenses.