95% of our lenses are cut in- house. What does this mean?

What's great about having our finishing lab in house is our ability to offer quick turnaround in the preparation of your lenses. We stock some single vision lenses and plano sunglass lenses for same day service, in many cases. Some single vision specialty lenses may be next day.

Multi-focal lenses can be ordered and completed in just 1-3 work days most of the time! As licensed opticians, each of us has over 30 years experience in filling eyeglass prescriptions. Having our lab, hands on, gives us so much more control over edge thickness, accurate placement of lenses in frames, and cutting lenses for unusual designer shapes and sizes. 

Many times, a client walks in with a broken frame but his/her lenses are still in good condition. In some cases, we're able to re-cut lenses (trim them a bit), to fit into a new frame immediately.

We can also alter lens shapes in some frame styles to better accomodate your prescription and better compliment face shape. We also tint for fashion and sunglasses on site. This is so much more convenient in providing  the color you really want in your shades or perhaps just a light fashion tint to compliment.

So many reasons why..... our in-house lab makes buying your eyewear at European Optical more convenient.

 Astrid at work! Our state of the art Essilor edger.

Astrid at work! Our state of the art Essilor edger.

Oh, one more very important reason. If you are not changing frames, but only wish to change your lenses to an updated Rx, in most cases, you do not need to give up your frame to do so. We take measurements needed of your frame, and order lenses to cut. You keep your glasses until the new lenses are ordered and received. We can cut your new Rx while you wait.

After all, Life is Too Short To Wait Too Long for Your Glasses!