Those work day aching eyes.......

Computer prescription eyewear is one of our fastest growing needs in new orders. 

And it’s definitely not one lens fits all. There are a variety of lens needs to suit the focal lengths required at one’s work area. 

One client needs a single focal length for her work, while another needs a multi-focal length to reach his computer screen, and the closer key board. Other clients want to be able to look up from their screen and across the room and still see clearly. There’s a special lens design for that, too. 

Then we consider your lighting environment, sensitivity of your eyes and if a suitable “blue-light blocking tint” is required. Our licensed optical staff can assist you in fine tuning your work space optical needs and help soothe those tight shoulders and dry and achy eyes at the end of your work day. 

Your eyes (and shoulders) will thank you!  When you stop by next visit, ask us about Shamir's Desk and Office lenses. Our clients swear by them and are extremely greatful we guided them towards this specialized addition to their work day.

And of station eyewear NEVER has to be boring!!