Velvet Eyewear, Luxury sunglasses pure and simple.

                                                                             We love our Velvet's!

                                                                            We love our Velvet's!

One of the newest lines in elegant sunglasses at European Optical is Velvet Eyewear. It has proven to be a best selling new line since we introduced it here at our optical shop earlier this year. The owner of the company is from Southern California, now living and designing in the big apple, NYC. And you know how we love to support the independent optical frame companies! Here's how they describe their designs. We couldn't have said it better. 

"Velvet Eyewear is luxury that is sexy, pure, and sophisticated, yet relaxed and comfortable. Our style is influenced by iconic American fashion and culture inspiring designs that are truly timeless.

All of the Velvet Eyewear Sunglasses and Optical frames are manufactured in Italy offering outstanding quality, craftsmanship, and materials.

The Velvet collection embodies the style and creativity of our Founder and Creative Director Cynthia Hussey. Her inspiration comes from an ancestry of famous European painters, engravers, musicians, and designers. Her eye for detail and practical sense as an optician enable her to design luxurious eyewear that offers the wearer chic style and superior comfort.

The Velvet  {BB Lens}™ is an exclusive sunglass lens that is formulated with specific attributes that block out 100% of harmful UV rays, and reduce heat and eye strain. Velvet’s {BB Lens}™ Sunglass Protection helps prevent crow’s feet, fine lines, and the effects of aging in and around the eyes caused by the environment. When worn regularly, the Velvet {BB Lens}™ can slow down the signs of aging and Block in Beauty."

We also know they use scratch resistant Carl Zeiss lenses and Mazzuchelli acetate for their zyl frames. Quality we so appreciate offering to our faithful clients who appreciate wearing the finest in eyewear. Ladies, these new styles are gorgeous and so well designed!