Etnia Barcelona


Color form and subtlety define Etnia Barcelona's collection for 2014. European Optical searches for the best quality in frame design and materials and brings it to our clients in one of our favorite lines, Etnia Barcelona. Like works of art, the color and character of Etnia Barcelona offers fun and fabulous frames to compliment every face shape.

"Impersonality kills." That's the motto behind David Pellicer's eco-friendly and sustainable eyewear and sunglass brand, Etnia Barcelona. Founded in 2003, the brand has become the "antithesis of impersonality." We couldn't agree more!

When asked what David's main attraction to designing eyewear is he answered,"To change the expression of someone with a comfortable, modern and qualitative item." And  what separates his label from other eyewear manufacturer's...."Deep color work and a permanent state of euphoria."

No wonder we sell so many pairs of Etnia Barcelona here at European Optical. Stop by and try on a little eyewear euphoria for yourself.