New lines, new colors, always so much fun.

We may not pay a whole lot of attention to keeping this blog page updated, but you can be sure when you stop into European Optical any day we're open, there's always a whole lot of attention to you and finding you the perfect new pair of eyewear. Or using your same frame to refill and update your RX with the latest in digital lenses and coatings or fixing those bent frames.

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This year we've added a few new frame lines. Variation Design is coming to us from France. And Masunaga titanium frames from Japan have arrived. You'll discover classic new Dunhill sunglasses for the distinguished gentleman, new arrivals from our consistent best selling Traction Production and JF Rey. Always new Etnia's showing up because we sell so many every week.

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And day in and day out, our own unique one of a kind EO by Astrid designs from Germany, sell as soon as we pull them out of the UPS box. We get so excited to see what's shown up! Astrid is designing new frames weekly and custom ordering for the clients who want their own unique style.

Our staff is staying busy filling orders, fitting faces, and all around keeping our wonderful clients looking great and seeing their best.

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Remember, "Life is too short to wear boring glasses!"


Our mini model Zoey showing us that life is more fun wearing colorful frames!  

Our mini model Zoey showing us that life is more fun wearing colorful frames!


Does Anti-reflective coating really make a difference in seeing clearly?

Every day we offer clients a choice to include an AR (anti-reflective) coating onto their prescription lenses. For many, they would never consider NOT having this coating. They know what a difference in clarity it provides for their vision.

But for new wearers, or previous wearers  who say no or are just not sure if adding $119-$149 to the cost of their lenses is worth it, here are some important points to consider on your next prescription eyewear purchase.


Uncoated lenses tend to scatter some light rays away from passing through the lens. Objects are easily reflected in the front surface. It's difficult to see the wearer's eyes clearly, but more important is that you, the wearer, are fighting looking through all that reflection bouncing off the lenses, both front and back.

Seeing your optimum requires that more light passing through your lenses makes it to the back of your eyeball to your retina, then is sent up to your brain. Not less light. Your brain doesn't like fighting glare, it's stressful.

However! There are clients who say keeping the coating clean is a problem. It does need more care, it's true. Let us show you how to make cleaning easier. Some clients say, "You can see all my wrinkles!" We sometimes suggest applying a soft tint first, then apply AR, that solves many concerns.

But if proper frame choice is made initially, camouflaging life lines can be handled then. Including AR coating will only add to making your world clearer, night time glare on the road  greatly reduced and optimize your vision all around. 

In the business world, good eye contact is imperative to creating good relations. Let your clients see your eyes clearly.

Your subconcious mind sees the glare and struggles with it's unclarity.  Coatings have improved immensely, if the last time you tried AR, it smudged easily or tended not to last.

We offer a variety of coated lenses that are sure to help you see your world more clearly.



95% of our lenses are cut in- house. What does this mean?

What's great about having our finishing lab in house is our ability to offer quick turnaround in the preparation of your lenses. We stock some single vision lenses and plano sunglass lenses for same day service, in many cases. Some single vision specialty lenses may be next day.

Multi-focal lenses can be ordered and completed in just 1-3 work days most of the time! As licensed opticians, each of us has over 30 years experience in filling eyeglass prescriptions. Having our lab, hands on, gives us so much more control over edge thickness, accurate placement of lenses in frames, and cutting lenses for unusual designer shapes and sizes. 

Many times, a client walks in with a broken frame but his/her lenses are still in good condition. In some cases, we're able to re-cut lenses (trim them a bit), to fit into a new frame immediately.

We can also alter lens shapes in some frame styles to better accomodate your prescription and better compliment face shape. We also tint for fashion and sunglasses on site. This is so much more convenient in providing  the color you really want in your shades or perhaps just a light fashion tint to compliment.

So many reasons why..... our in-house lab makes buying your eyewear at European Optical more convenient.

Astrid at work! Our state of the art Essilor edger.

Astrid at work! Our state of the art Essilor edger.

Oh, one more very important reason. If you are not changing frames, but only wish to change your lenses to an updated Rx, in most cases, you do not need to give up your frame to do so. We take measurements needed of your frame, and order lenses to cut. You keep your glasses until the new lenses are ordered and received. We can cut your new Rx while you wait.

After all, Life is Too Short To Wait Too Long for Your Glasses!



What's it all about...BLUE LIGHT??

What’s all the fuss about BLUE LIGHT and DIGITAL EYE STRAIN??

The good thing about some blue light is it helps wake us up in the morning. Our eyes filter the amount we need to regulate our melatonin levels that help us balance waking and sleeping.

It’s too much overexposure to the harsher amounts of blue light generated from LED lights used in our cell phones, computers and television that cause damage to our eyes.

The blue light passes thorough the cornea and our crystalline lens, (which can block UV light), right to our retinas causing oxidation (rusting). Studies show a link between LED blue light exposure and macular degeneration.

That’s why too much computer use, cell phone and T.V. use before bed keeps you awake! It’s surpassing the production of melatonin that we need to sleep.

And children’s eyes are at even greater risk as their young eyes have no natural filter to the damaging BLUE LIGHT overexposure. 

Our opticians here at European Optical can offer you solutions to BLUE LIGHT overexposure with lenses that can block more blue light than the average pair of lenses.

Those work day aching eyes.......

Computer prescription eyewear is one of our fastest growing needs in new orders. 

And it’s definitely not one lens fits all. There are a variety of lens needs to suit the focal lengths required at one’s work area. 

One client needs a single focal length for her work, while another needs a multi-focal length to reach his computer screen, and the closer key board. Other clients want to be able to look up from their screen and across the room and still see clearly. There’s a special lens design for that, too. 

Then we consider your lighting environment, sensitivity of your eyes and if a suitable “blue-light blocking tint” is required. Our licensed optical staff can assist you in fine tuning your work space optical needs and help soothe those tight shoulders and dry and achy eyes at the end of your work day. 

Your eyes (and shoulders) will thank you!  When you stop by next visit, ask us about Shamir's Desk and Office lenses. Our clients swear by them and are extremely greatful we guided them towards this specialized addition to their work day.

And of station eyewear NEVER has to be boring!!



Finally! Our very own EO collection...EO by ASTRID.



Our exciting new limited edition eyewear has arrived and it's selling as fast as we put it on display. As a team, we're thrilled with the design efforts and amazing color selections and styles provided by the uber design frame manufacturer in Germany we've chosen.

As an independent optical shop, we've always strived to offer the most unique and individualized styles in eyewear to our discriminating clients. And they're showing their appreciation in the daily sales of EO by Astrid.

In a world of mass produced frames with little thought of beautiful uniqueness and perfect design, big corporations choosing inferior  quality over quantity, and insurance companies offering little return for the dollar, our exciting frame addition to our fun collection of eyewear keeps us truly excited to do the work we do even after 43 years and counting!

Being a part of the vibrant art community that is Laguna Beach, we're very proud to offer this unparalleled collection that so well represents art for one's face!

Stop in and find your own fun and unique YOU, EO by ASTRID! More affordable than you might imagine! Afterall, life IS too short to wear boring glasses!




Holiday EYEdeas for Loved Ones.

Giving the gift of vision is a gift that will be remembered every day throughout the new year.

Gift certificates are a great way to say I LOVE YOU during the upcoming holidays. We would like to make it extra sweet for you by adding 10% to your amount as our gift to you. For example, buy a gift certificate for $150, we'll make it worth $165.  A very good EYEdea! This offer is valid through December 24th, 2014. Please mention this blog!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and homey Thanksgiving this week and all the joy that follows through these upcoming holidays. We look forward to taking care of your visiting relatives' eyglasses repairs, too! We'll be open the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

Stop by for your own eyewear tune-up or see what's new and exciting from our international frame companies. Every week, new frames styles arrive, so be sure to check in and SEE the gorgeous new colors and designs.

The Clear Benefits of High Definition Lenses

Many of our European Optical clients are now experiencing improved visual clarity and comfort by wearing high definition lenses, also known as free-form or digital lenses. These newest lens designs are created by an advanced manufacturing process that reduces higher-order aberrations   that occur in eyeglass lenses made with traditional eyeglass lens manufacturing tools and processes.

The fabrication of the lenses from your eyeglass prescription is optimized with computer-controlled surfacing equipment that is much more precise than conventional tools.


Shamir Autograph Digital progressives

Shamir Autograph Digital progressives

This type of "hi-def" digitally created lab equipment can surface lenses in power increments of 0.01 diopter (D), compared with 0.125 to 0.25 D increments of conventional eyeglass lens tooling. Designing the power curvature on the back of each lens enables the wider field of vision through the digital design. We like to compare it to enjoying HD TV! It's really that much clearer.

Taking into account the clients prescription, the size and shape of frame chosen and pupillary distance, wearing digitally produced prescription lenses enhances all areas of vision, including off to the side as well as through the main optical center of lens. 

Our satisfied clients express their new found comfort of "going digital" in their progressive lens choice as though it feels like wearing single vision lenses; no more unease at looking off to the side. The visual field is much smoother and they appreciate eliminating such obvious vision jump from distance to intermediate to close up.

When you're ready to see us for your next pair of progressive lenses, ask any of our opticians about the new Shamir Autograph digital lenses and give yourself the gift of seeing as clear as possible. The future of all progressive lenses will be digitally produced. And here at your favorite optical shop, we're on board with offering you the best in quality prescription lenses!

Avalable in all lens materials and powers.

Avalable in all lens materials and powers.

Velvet Eyewear, Luxury sunglasses pure and simple.

                                                                            We love our Velvet's!

                                                                            We love our Velvet's!

One of the newest lines in elegant sunglasses at European Optical is Velvet Eyewear. It has proven to be a best selling new line since we introduced it here at our optical shop earlier this year. The owner of the company is from Southern California, now living and designing in the big apple, NYC. And you know how we love to support the independent optical frame companies! Here's how they describe their designs. We couldn't have said it better. 

"Velvet Eyewear is luxury that is sexy, pure, and sophisticated, yet relaxed and comfortable. Our style is influenced by iconic American fashion and culture inspiring designs that are truly timeless.

All of the Velvet Eyewear Sunglasses and Optical frames are manufactured in Italy offering outstanding quality, craftsmanship, and materials.

The Velvet collection embodies the style and creativity of our Founder and Creative Director Cynthia Hussey. Her inspiration comes from an ancestry of famous European painters, engravers, musicians, and designers. Her eye for detail and practical sense as an optician enable her to design luxurious eyewear that offers the wearer chic style and superior comfort.

The Velvet  {BB Lens}™ is an exclusive sunglass lens that is formulated with specific attributes that block out 100% of harmful UV rays, and reduce heat and eye strain. Velvet’s {BB Lens}™ Sunglass Protection helps prevent crow’s feet, fine lines, and the effects of aging in and around the eyes caused by the environment. When worn regularly, the Velvet {BB Lens}™ can slow down the signs of aging and Block in Beauty."

We also know they use scratch resistant Carl Zeiss lenses and Mazzuchelli acetate for their zyl frames. Quality we so appreciate offering to our faithful clients who appreciate wearing the finest in eyewear. Ladies, these new styles are gorgeous and so well designed!



Etnia Barcelona


Color form and subtlety define Etnia Barcelona's collection for 2014. European Optical searches for the best quality in frame design and materials and brings it to our clients in one of our favorite lines, Etnia Barcelona. Like works of art, the color and character of Etnia Barcelona offers fun and fabulous frames to compliment every face shape.

"Impersonality kills." That's the motto behind David Pellicer's eco-friendly and sustainable eyewear and sunglass brand, Etnia Barcelona. Founded in 2003, the brand has become the "antithesis of impersonality." We couldn't agree more!

When asked what David's main attraction to designing eyewear is he answered,"To change the expression of someone with a comfortable, modern and qualitative item." And  what separates his label from other eyewear manufacturer's...."Deep color work and a permanent state of euphoria."

No wonder we sell so many pairs of Etnia Barcelona here at European Optical. Stop by and try on a little eyewear euphoria for yourself.